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DAFEILA™ PROWAVE - Tinnitus Relief Pen 12

DAFEILA™ PROWAVE - Tinnitus Relief Pen 12

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DAFEILA™ PROWAVE - Tinnitus Relief Pen 12

DAFEILA™ PROWAVE - Tinnitus Relief Pen 12

Regular price $49.99
Regular price $49.99 Sale price $129.99
SAVE 61% Sold out

 In 2024, the 6th International Conference on Otolaryngology and ENT has revealed a new Infrared Thermal therapy with EMS for treating tinnitus. ProWave hit the shelves on Apr 28, 2024 and is SOLD OUT on the 1st day.

DAFEILA™ PROWAVE brings Medical-level Infrared Thermal and EMS therapy to end the long torture of tinnitus. After 12 years of Continuous Researches, Studies and more than 200 Clinical Trials, We’ve Finally Successfully combined our LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy) technology, therapeutic heat, EMS therapy, and vibration into one easy-to-use device for the most optimal tinnitus relief and recovery experience.


Dive into ProWave: Redefine Your Experience with Tinnitus

Are you one of the many individuals affected by the constant ringing or buzzing in your ears, known as tinnitus? The relentless presence of tinnitus can impact your quality of life, making even the simplest moments feel like a struggle. But there's hope, and it comes in the form of Dafeila™ ProWave.

Dafeila™ ProWave represents more than just a device; it stands as a groundbreaking solution for individuals in search of relief from the distressing effects of tinnitus. We acknowledge the profound influence tinnitus can exert on your quality of life, from sleep disruptions to difficulties in communication and a reduced capacity to enjoy life's pleasures. This is precisely why we've created Dafeila™ ProWave, a pioneering innovation poised to transform your auditory experience, redefining your relationship with sound and rejuvenating your overall well-being.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Dafeila™ ProWave, leaving behind the persistent ringing in your ears. This cutting-edge device integrates targeted thermal therapy, precise electrical nerve stimulation, and user-friendly customization to create an experience that goes beyond tinnitus management – it's about reclaiming your life. We'll explore the remarkable features, the science behind the technology, and the life-changing benefits that the Dafeila™ ProWave offers. Discover how this innovative approach can bring relief, restore auditory wellness, and reignite the joy of sound in your life. Bid farewell to the constant battle with tinnitus and embrace a life filled with harmony and serenity.

Join us on a journey to rediscover the symphony of life – because you deserve nothing less than the transformative power of Dafeila™ ProWave.

Dafeila™ ProWave: A Scientific Perspective on Tinnitus Relief

The Dafeila™ ProWave is meticulously crafted to deliver tinnitus relief by employing a fusion of red light with infrared therapy, EMS, and thermal therapy. Allow me to offer a straightforward elucidation of the scientific principles underpinning the device's functionality:

Thermal therapy plays a pivotal role in Dafeila™ ProWave's approach to tinnitus management. By carefully maintaining a controlled temperature range between 38-40 degrees Celsius (100.4-104 degrees Fahrenheit), the treatment offers significant benefits, primarily centered around improved blood circulation.

Applying heat within this optimal range promotes vasodilation, expanding blood vessels in the affected ear regions and improving circulation. This enhanced blood flow delivers vital nutrients, oxygen, and aids cell recovery, diminishing tinnitus intensity and enhancing auditory comfort.

EMS and microcurrent technology play a central role in the comprehensive strategy for tinnitus relief offered by Dafeila™ ProWave. These innovative technologies deliver low-level electrical currents with precision to the nerves surrounding the ears, indirectly alleviating tinnitus-related discomfort.

Microcurrent technology indirectly stimulates specific nerve pathways, lessening tinnitus-related discomfort, such as ringing or buzzing sounds. Importantly, this stimulation doesn't emphasize muscle contractions but rather targets the nervous system's response.

Dafeila™ ProWave employs a multi-faceted approach, combining the benefits of red light with infrared therapy and microcurrent technology to address the various aspects of tinnitus, promote the regeneration of inner ear hair cells, and support overall auditory well-being. Microcurrent technology is integral in our comprehensive tinnitus relief strategy, utilizing low-level electrical currents to stimulate nerves and indirectly ease tinnitus-related discomfort. This nuanced approach primarily addresses nerve-related aspects without affecting muscle contractions directly, holding the promise of improved auditory well-being and relief from tinnitus-related challenges.

Red light therapy, or low-level laser therapy, harnesses red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It's used for various medical conditions, including chronic pain. Tinnitus-related discomfort can lead to physical pain and ear pressure alongside the perceived sound. Integrated into Dafeila™ ProWave, infrared therapy offers a valuable solution. It's renowned for its pain-relieving properties, reducing pain by targeting pain receptors when applied to the ear regions, providing relief from tinnitus discomfort. It also shows promise in managing sharp or burning neuropathic pain by addressing underlying nerve-related causes.

Introducing Dafeila™ ProWave: a groundbreaking advancement in the pursuit of tinnitus relief and auditory improvement

Advanced Tinnitus Management: The Dafeila™ ProWave is at the forefront of tinnitus management technology, offering advanced and effective relief for individuals suffering from tinnitus.

Regeneration of Ear Hair Cells: The inherent attributes of Red Light EMS microcurrent for tinnitus, when precisely administered, stimulate the latent regenerative potential within damaged cells. This initiates a series of cellular responses, leading to the restoration of impaired cellular structures and the encouragement of cell division.

Red Light Therapy: When Red Light with infrared therapy is applied to the areas around the ears, it has the ability to deeply penetrate the tissues, precisely targeting pain receptors. This interaction with pain receptors is believed to reduce pain signals, alleviating the physical discomfort associated with tinnitus.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS): Dafeila™ ProWave utilizes EMS technology with microcurrent technology to promote the regeneration of inner ear hair cells, enhance blood circulation, and support overall auditory well-being.

Targeted Thermal Therapy: The Dafeila™ ProWave's precise thermal therapy system maintains a consistent temperature range of 38-40 degrees Celsius (100.4-104 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimal healing and tinnitus relief, ensuring a soothing and effective experience.

Doctor-Endorsed Comfort, Preferred by Professionals.

"In my professional evaluation, Dafeila™ ProWave presents an innovative and highly promising approach to tinnitus relief," remarks Dr. Richard Sullivan, MD, a distinguished Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist at the Institute of Auditory Health in California. "The integration of Thermal and Red Light Therapy, and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) offers a comprehensive solution. I am confident that Dafeila™ ProWave has the potential to make a substantial impact on the lives of individuals managing tinnitus. Its multifaceted and scientifically grounded design positions it as a definitive choice for those seeking significant relief from tinnitus and an overall enhancement of their auditory well-being."

Discover the Compelling Success Stories of Dafeila™ ProWave: Real Accounts from Satisfied Users on Their Path to Tinnitus Relief

Step into the world of our satisfied customers and witness their journey to tinnitus relief through their heartfelt testimonials. 


Color : Black
Working Temperature: 37-41 degrees celcius (98-106F)
Light: 645nm light 
Infrared: 800nm to 1400nm
2 x AA Batteries (Not included)

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